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Color marking
For really tricky puzzles you may need to mark squares to let you see patterns to help solve them. Sudoku Dragon has six different colors available for use and the color allocation can be undone and re-done just like setting square possibilities.
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To see how your solving skills develop, use Sudoku Dragon's automatic score tracking system. When you complete a game, the software saves away information about the puzzle and how long it took you to solve it. To review the current best performance league for Sudoku select League Table from the Game menu.

You can pause the puzzle timer at any time if you get interrupted while solving a puzzle.

Sudoku League Table

Sudoku puzzle

sudokudragon To download your Sudoku Dragon for a free trial, click on the Download link. The program automatically keeps track of your time for solving a game and adds it to the league table. There is a table for each of the ten puzzle sizes available.

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