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Jigsaw Sudoku
If you are bored with regular Sudoku why not try one of the six variations on the Sudoku theme provided by Sudoku Dragon. Jigsaw or Squiggle Sudoku offers a new set of challenges as the familiar rectangluar grid is morphed into irregular shapes.
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Download Sudoku Puzzle Solver

Download Sudoku Dragon™ puzzle solver for 23 days free trial. Sudoku Dragon shows you how to solve any standard Sudoku puzzle and generate new ones to be solved.

For a list of the Sudoku puzzle solver's capabilities please visit our features page or take an online tour to see the key features of the program in action. It has a battery of hints, guides and possibility analysis options to let you to get to grips with this alluring puzzle.

Sudoku Dragon Sudoku Dragon

Version 5.3.1, November 2013. Download the Sudoku Solver ./sdkinst.exe (1.23 Mb) installer by clicking the animated button.
Download Sudoku Dragon
To use Sudoku Dragon you must have Microsoft® Windows® 7; Vista or XP installed on your PC.

Security warning For increased security we have digitally signed the installer with Silurian Software the makers of Sudoku Dragon as the publisher. You may see a message when you download or run the installer along the following lines. Just click on 'Run'.

After the free 23 day trial period you will need to buy the software. You can purchase a copy by following the purchase instructions on the License information page (from the Help menu) after installation. The price is $ 18 or £ 9 or € 12.

If you have already installed Sudoku Dragon please use the Upgrade Check from the program's Help menu. To re-install the program you will need the purchase code see our license page for details. For information on all available updates please check the Upgrade page. Sudoku Dragon has built-in facilities to support a quick and easy update or purchase without re-installation.

Sudoku Dragon offers the best range of features for both the newbie and expert. It will solve and generate puzzles of all sorts of sizes. Read more...

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Sudoku in the News
Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Continue reading...
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Mon, 07 Apr 2014 16:08:49 -0700
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