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Upgrading Sudoku Dragon

Sudoku Dragon is designed to be easy to upgrade, you do not need to re-install the product in order to upgrade it. You can update the product by using the Sudoku Dragon Update Check... command from the Help menu. During the initial trial all updates are free.

Use the Update Check... option from the Help menu in Sudoku Dragon to compare the installed version against those available on our web site and indicates which (if any) is the most up-to-date compatible version to download. Download and installation occurs within the Sudoku Dragon program itself.

On rare occasions it will be necessary to re-install and re-configure the software if a very old version is in use. Note that an update does not affect your Sudoku Dragon license in any way, a trial license is not extended or renewed. The puzzle file format may sometimes need to be enhanced, generally all puzzles can be handled in the most up-to-date version, if you have an old version of the program you may not be able to load newly generated puzzle files.


Version Contents Release Date
44 Enhancments and fixes 19th January 2021
43 License fix 5th January 2021
42 Various enhancements 26th April 2019
41 Library fix 8th August 2017
40 License fix 8th January 2016
39 A few bug fixes 1st September 2014
38 Chinese Sudoku and Hint enhancements 19th August 2014
37 Hint display fix 26th November 2013
36 Possibility analysis bug fix 22nd November 2013
35 Enhanced interface 20th May 2013
34 Library code update 29th May 2012
33 Fix for Samurai load bug 12th August 2011
32 Support for Samurai version. New possibility display and hint options 20th July 2011
31 Pick up assorted library fixes 27th April 2011
30 Fix for some manually entered puzzles 6th December 2010
29 Trial license update 23rd July 2010
28 Theme fix for Vista and Windows 7, digital signatures 22nd December 2009
27 Faster generation and bug fixes 13th November 2009
26 Fix to upload of puzzle to contribute to web site 10th August 2009
25 Major upgrade with many new features 30th July 2009
24 Licensing update 19th July 2009
23 Licensing update 30th April 2008
22 Support for Windows Vista 26th June 2007
21 A few bug fixes and tidy ups 1st May 2007
20 Highlighting of number of squares left to be filled in for each number 13th March 2007
19 Possibilities and impossibilities; new theme; new possibility setting command 9th February 2007
18 New grid sizes, advanced hint analysis, new possibility options 10th December 2006
17 Updated licensing, new theme, affected possibilities display option 12th October 2006
16 Updated licensing, new theme, zoom menu command 23rd February 2006
15 New analysis algorithm; extra tutorials 2nd January 2006
14 Display themes; Mouse wheel 28th November 2005
13 Stripe inclusion; Hexadecimal big grid; highlight last allocation 1st November 2005
12 ALT+number for possibilities bar; independent help window 10th October 2005
11 Tentative possibilities clear and set; upload contribution enhancement 28th September 2005
10 Possibilities toolbar; symmetric reveal pattern; upload contribution support 20th September 2005
9 Tutorials; tips and game file management
8 Multi-level puzzle difficulty generation; Square annotations
7 Full print support options; Download puzzle management
6 Full integrated help system 22nd July 2005

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