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Comments and information about release 2.8 (15) of Sudoku Dragon

Release 15 features [Help and suggestions for Sudoku Dragon program forum] contributed by SudokuDragon

Release number 15 of Sudoku Dragon is now available.

Although most of the changes won't be all that apparent there has been a good deal changed.

The algorithms used to analyse and generate puzzles have been replaced. The new algorithms are faster and spot more possibility exclusions (e.g. naked chain). Using these new versions the generated puzzles will now be more evenly spread in difficulty. In previous versions there was a possibility that 'challenging' level of difficulty sudokus would in fact turn out fairly easy, with stricter analysis of the rules that could be used to solve it, all the challenging puzzles should now be 'uniformly' hard.

We've also solved a few new features and a few fixes too, they are all listed in the release note

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Checking possibilities (re: Release 15 features) contributed by Prudence

I find the new hint for checking the tentative possibilities I have marked quite useful. A pity it does not highlight the sudoku square that has the incorrect possibility marked, but that is a minor matter. Sometimes I work by marking only the possibilities that are excluded rather than possible, it might be useful to have this as an extra hint type in future?

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Puzzle Difficulty (re: Release 15 features) contributed by Prudence

The new puzzle generation algorithm does seem somewhat better.

I was frustrated mainly by some of the previous challenging puzzles that turned out to be all too easy to solve. I think the challenging puzzles must require some use of the twin or subgroup exclusion rules, just using the simpler only choice or only square rules does not seem satisfactory.

I think that even some of the moderate puzzles are quite difficult now. Much improved.

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