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Display of possibilities [Help and suggestions for Sudoku Dragon program forum] contributed by wcmead

I am a dragon newbie, so let me know if I have missed something. One thing that might be improved is the display of blocked possibilities. Scanning the grid for remaining possibilities is confusing with the impossibilities displayed in inverse video. It would seem clearer to put an x over the eliminated possibilities. Also, I think it would be helpful to be able to display only the possibilities that currently exist, suppressing the ones that have been eliminated by previous work.

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Possibility Options (re: Display of possibilities) contributed by SudokuDragon

There are quite a few possibility display options within SudokuDragon that you might like to try and see if they help.

You can change the way the 'impossible' display options by changing the 'appearance' from View | Options

menu command. You cannot change the font to make possibilities different from impossibilities though. We also decided that the possibilities are too small to be clear if they are overwritten in any way, we thought they would be too difficult to read.

For suppressing display of possibilities/impossibilities we do have a number of options available that does selectively hide them, it is all quite complicated, so please have a look to see if a combination meets your requirements. Please see

for more on this.

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Display of alternate pair analysis (re: Display of possibilities) contributed by Bevin Pettitt

I am still learning the strategies to solve the puzzle and find your pragram to be very good. However, I would like to see a few changes in View Configuration.

When I select alternate pair analysis (View config - Highlighting - alternate pair) I would like to see just the first alternate pair solution, not all the highlighting of the consequent solutions.

The present display is very busy and while the Possiblities listed for each cell is informative, it is very hard to find the one cell that is the key to the rest of the cells being solved in turn. Even if I have a red highlighted number in just two cells, often the basis for their exclusion relies on other cell changes occuring beforehand.

Is it possible to highlight just the one cell that is the key for solution of the remaining cells for whatever analysis is selected in the Highlight list?

Or perhaps you can tell me what cell sequence your algorithm follows in solving the puzzle.


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