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Comments and information about release 4.0 (26) of Sudoku Dragon.

Release 26 features [Help and suggestions for Sudoku Dragon program forum] contributed by SudokuDragon

4.0 (build 26) of Sudoku Dragon is now available.

This is a significant enhancement. Key new features include:

New puzzle analysis and generation algorithm

Support for new puzzle types : X-Sudoku (Diagonal Sudoku); Word Sudoku; Squiggle (Jigsaw Sudoku)

Uses and highlights squares solved using Alternate Pair; X-Wing and Swordfish strategies

Easy to use side panel with notes; possibility explanation and allocation history

Extra difficulty level for really challenging puzzles

Square allocation transition effect

Support user selected picture as backdrop to grid

Option to hightlight Alternate Pairs

Solution strategy makes use of spotting the Sudoku Stripe

For a full list please visit Upgrade information page.

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