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League Tables [Help and suggestions for Sudoku Dragon program forum] contributed by Georgina

Other Sudoku web sites have a league table for players, especially for the daily puzzle.

Why doesn't SudokuDragon support this feature. It does make playing more competitive.

It usually just gives the name of the person and the time taken to solve the puzzle

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Leagues are fun (re: League Tables) contributed by Prudence

I disagree with John, I think leagues are fun. Solving a puzzle against the clock and against other players makes it a much more attractive propostion. People can choose to cheat at any game nowadays and I would have thought the system administrators could soon spot this and knock them out of the league.

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No league tables please! (re: League Tables) contributed by John Wood

No league tables for Sudoku please!

From my experience one or two people vie to get to the top every day and ordinary players don't stand a chance of getting on the league table. It's unfortunately all too easy to cheat the system - by running a puzzle solver at the same time and just typing in the response. I enjoy playing Sudoku but mainly for trying out new solution strategies rather than playing against the clock.

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