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Irregular grid 5x5 [Help and suggestions for Sudoku Dragon program forum] contributed by cathy13

Hello. I'm very new to Sudoku and am trying to solve a difficult puzzle. I'm not sure how to show the puzzle since the grids are 5x5 and are irregular shapes.

Any ideas on how to display this for help on the solution? I attempted using Xs to show the shape but the format wasnt accepted.

I've worked on this so long - so many possibilities that I'm frustrated. This is the 3rd sudoku in a series of different puzzles for a game. I've done very well on other types of puzzles and the easier sudokus but this one has halted me. Any help would be wonderful! Thanks to all. By the way this site is great - so organized and clear. I've downloaded your trial which is great.

Thanks for your info.


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