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Release 11 features [Help and suggestions for Sudoku Dragon program forum] contributed by SudokuDragon

Release number 11 of Sudoku Dragon is now available.

It has some interesting new features. Of particular interest is the ability to mark possibilities with CTRL+'number' in unallocated squares. An expert user does this all the time, so it is nice to see it as a quick and easy feature to use.

There are changes in the way that new puzzles are selected, rather than one complicated dialog the user selects just selects 'Blank'; 'Generate' or 'Download' from the File menu.

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Possibilities Bar (re: Release 11 features) contributed by Georgina

As a fairly frequent player of Sudoku, I'd like to be able to switch to view other possibilities without needing to click on the possibility selection list in the toolbar. It's very useful for finding where symbols are located in the grid.

Could a shortcut be added so I can do this from the keyboard?

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PossBar Shortcut (re: Possibilities Bar) contributed by SudokuDragon

Yes, we have now actually added this feature with release 12 of Sudoku Dragon.

You can use ALT+<number> to select possibilities from the bar, F4 will switch on all possibilities or switch them off if they are displayed. Hope this is what was wanted.

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