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Sudoku Dragon Program Update 15

Version 2.8 Build 15 - Sudoku puzzle solving

Here is the detailed technical list of changes that has been made to Sudoku Dragon since the last update.

Release date 2nd January 2006.

It contains the following major new features:

  • Add extra possibility analysis to detect naked and hidden twins, triplets etc. and also chains

It contains the following enhancements to existing functionality:

  • Extra tutorials on strategies including naked triplets and X-Wing.
  • A new hint type has been added to test out tentative possibilities
  • The hint option is remembered between requests for a hint
  • The view options property sheet has been enhanced to show possibilities more clearly
  • The analysis of the generated puzzles has been enhanced to give a more even spread of difficulty levels (less likely to be radically different in same level)
  • The automatic allocation has an option to support only choice and only square rules as well as only square
  • The 'possible' options in the possibilities display for a square are highlighted with a bold font.
  • The standard sound effects included with the solver have been changed.
  • Enhanced standard theme and new 'Clear Sky' theme.

The following fixes have been applied:

  • If a tentative possibility or annotation is set in the top right square then document not saved/restored correctly
  • When using the 16x16 grid and the hexadecimal display option then the Number pad keys give the number less one.
  • The Info button on the purchase information screen did not activate the help information in the browser
  • The Save as Image command gave an extra blank area to right of grid depending on the actual window size
  • Fixed cases where excluded possibilities were not being detected correctly.

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