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Sudoku Dragon Program Update 25

Version 4.0 Build 25 - Many new features and enhancements

Here is the detailed technical list of changes that has been made to Sudoku Dragon since the last update.

Release date 30th July 2009.

It contains the following new features :

  • Support Mirror and Rotational symmetry of revealed squares
  • Support diagonal stripe (X-Sudoku) puzzle types
  • Support Word Puzzles (hidden nine letter word)
  • Support Jigsaw or Squiggle Puzzles (regions are not rectangular)
  • Combined panel pane with allocations, possibilities and square details
  • Spot/explain and use forced allocation knock-on effects (e.g. exclusions leading to single possibility)
  • Support alternate pair analysis
  • Support user coloring of squares
  • Option to highlight 'alternate' pairs
  • Hide tentative possibilities (when other possibility selected)
  • New exclusion analysis makes use of spotting the stripe
  • Support background image for unallocated squares in grid

It contains the following enhancements to existing functionality :

  • Auto advance to next square when filling in a puzzle
  • Easier to buy after trial expiration
  • Support multi-select of displayed possibilities
  • Make re-installed purchased version clearer
  • Easier to pick up purchase code (when no response code lost)
  • Use status bar message for current square details
  • Make the league scores specific to current user
  • Some hint messages now automatically close
  • Display transition effect when squares are allocated
  • Distinguish 'single possibility' rule from 'only choice' rule
  • Allow selection of font for print puzzle title
  • Support multiple selection of squares (setting possibilities)
  • Updated and new tutorials
  • Check for program updates less frequently
  • Improved print layout
  • Improved sound effects
  • Additional 'very challenging' difficulty level
  • The default storage folder moved to current user's documents rather than application data
  • When show all possibilities do not highlight allocated squares

It contains the following fault fixes:

  • When Undo/Redo/Alloc update the status window correctly
  • Double click action not account for active details window
  • Download from server failing for some puzzles
  • Sometimes get bad allocation error on opening puzzles
  • Always printed all puzzle pages - ignored to/from page settings
  • Fix to contributing puzzles to the web site

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