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Sudoku Dragon Program Update 14

Version 2.7 Build 14 - Sudoku puzzle solving

Here is the detailed technical list of changes that has been made to Sudoku Dragon since the last update.

Release date 28th November 2005.

It contains the following major new features:

  • Range of pre-defined display themes with different grid square patterns; colors and fonts
  • Initial setup has extra step to select initial appearance for the grid
  • The mouse wheel can be used to enter numbers into squares

It contains the following enhancements to existing functionality:

  • A warning is given when the program first needs to access the Internet so that Firewall access can be enabled
  • The tutorials have been made clearer by using a different color for the last allocated square
  • The Auto allocate feature will now only allocate squares for the 'only square' rule and not the 'only choice' rule
  • The print-out can use different color and font settings to the settings for the screen grid display
  • Improved speed for generating new puzzles
  • The balloon help message window can be dragged around with the mouse
  • Additional puzzle tutorials have been added

The following fixes have been applied:

  • The contribution text entry field accepts the 'return' key as a newline to allow multi-line comments

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