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Sudoku Help - Downloading a puzzle

Here's a page from the extensive help system for Sudoku Dragon. It is available as a help screen when running the program. To get the full picture Download our Sudoku Dragon and see the screen in its context.

We now offer an alternative product only available for download from Microsoft Store. This shares many features but not all of them. For documentation of the SudokuDragon for Store version see its separate help section.

Our web site has a large collection of Sudokus of varying difficulty including new puzzles every day. To get a puzzle from the web site, use the File | Download New... menu command.

First select the grid size you want, by far the most often used is the standard 9 x 9 grid. The 4 x 4 grid is useful for learning the basics of Sudoku. Larger grid sizes are available, 16 x 16 are super-sized puzzles that we offer as a challenge for the dedicated solver.

You are welcome to download and play any of the puzzles available online. After fetching the list of puzzles from the Internet this screen will show the ones that match your selections. Any puzzles that have been already downloaded will be indicated by a tick mark in the first column.

You can select to display the symbols in the standard Sudoku grid with numbers ‘0’ through ‘9’ or alternatively the letters ‘A’ through ‘I’. If you select a grid size larger than 9 then there are not enough numbers, so the program will always choose to use the letters ‘A’ through ‘P’..

To fetch a particular puzzle, simply select the puzzle you want from the list and press Download. A copy will be downloaded and opened ready for you to solve.

Downloading a puzzle

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