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Sudoku Help - Sudoku Stripe

Here's a page from the extensive help system for Sudoku Dragon. It is available as a help screen when running the program. To get the full picture Download our Sudoku Dragon and see the screen in its context.

We now offer an alternative product only available for download from Microsoft Store. This shares many features but not all of them. For documentation of the SudokuDragon for Store version see its separate help section.

Our Sudoku puzzles have a little extra twist. You can choose to add a stripe to any generated puzzle. One group of squares in the grid (a row or column or region) has all the numbers in numerical order (or reverse order).

This is provided as a generation option within the Sudoku Dragon program when you create a new puzzle. Here are some examples of puzzles with the conspicuous stripe shown.

Sudoku stripeIn this puzzle the stripe is hidden away in reverse order in the last column. The Sudoku stripe can be in normal or reverse order and in any row or column.

Sudoku stripe solutionThe stripe can also be wrapped into a region or ‘mini-grid’. The top-central region has the numbers 1 to 9 hidden as a sequence. The stripe pattern may also be found in reverse order in regions.

We think you'll enjoy solving our puzzles with the Sudoku stripe as it adds a new dimension to your solution strategy. Finding where the stripe is located will generally unlock the solution to a number of grid squares. In more challenging puzzles it is often a hard to spot where the stripe is hidden.

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