Sudoku Dragon

We now offer two different versions of SudokuDragon, please select which version you require by clicking on the box.

SudokuDragon for Microsoft Store

Current version: 2.0, Sept 2021

This version is available only through Microsoft Store using the latest technology.

The license and upgrade are controlled in the Store not this web site.

This version doe NOT yet support Samurai and full customization.

Available for free trial

If you have already purchased a SudokuDragon license from us then your will still need to pay for a Microsoft Store license for this version.

Click on this box to select this version

Native SudokuDragon

Current version: 5.6, Jan 2021

This is the legacy version we have been providing since 2005. It is still available for direct download from this web site.

If you have purchased a SudokuDragon license from us you continue to be entitled to free upgrades.

You can still download and purchase this software from this site but you may need to persuade Windows that it is safe to download and install.

Available for free trial

This version supports Samurai and full customization.

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