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Possibility coding
Our unique display grid not only shows you what allocations are possible for each square but also uses color coding to let you see immediately why an allocation is or is not possible.
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Large Sudoku Puzzles - 16 by 16 Grid [Page 12 of 14])

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If you want a real challenge try the 16x16 or 20x20 sized Sudoku puzzles. The rules are just the same as for the regular 9x9 grid and all the same strategies can be used.

As each row; column and region has 16 rather than 9 possibilities there are many more options to think through.

Sudoku Dragon also supports other larger sizes than the standard 9x9: 10x10; 12x12; 14x14; 15x15 and 20x20 as well as 16x16. All the same principles apply, we limit the puzzle size to 20x20 because on most PCs larger sizes are very slow to generate and difficult to read on the screen.

Sudoku Dragon puzzle solver supports 16x16 size in just the same way as the 9x9 grid. As there are more than ten symbols to reason about the hexadecimal numbers 0 to 9; A to F are used for symbols (or you can choose to use the letters A to P instead). These larger puzzles can be contributed and downloaded from our web site.

For more on big grids, we have a big grid topic in our message forum.

Sudoku Grid 16x16

The larger puzzles may still contain our unique Sudoku stripe. On this occasion the software has generated a larger grid with the stripe in region Ee.

We also support the Samurai Sudoku that is 21x21 squares in total.

sudokudragon To download your Sudoku Dragon for a free trial, click on the Download link. It lets you generate and solve big 16x16 grids in exactly the same way that you would tackle the regular sized ones.

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