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When you are told a number can go in a Sudoku square it is very useful to be given an explanation. Many other Sudoku puzzle solvers do not give detailed explanations of what can go where and more importantly why.

Sudoku Dragon gives a clear explanation of why certain numbers are not possible according to the Sudoku rules. You select the 'depth' of analysis to determine which strategies will be made use of in making the analysis. As you increase the 'analysis depth' squares marked as 'looking possible' may be excluded to reflect subtler strategy rules. In the case illustrated only the numbers 6 and 8 are possible as all the other possibilities are excluded due to conflicts with a number in a row, column or region.

The more complex twin and shared subgroup exclusion rules can also be used in possibility explanations. Here the exclusion rules have knocked out the possibility of 7 and 9 occurring in this square. The analysis has also spotted that 8 forms one of an alternate possibility pair.

The possibility panel is conveniently located just to the right of the main puzzle display and can be activated by just pressing the F11 key.

Possibility panel explanations

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