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Sudoku Dragon FAQ

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Sudoku Dragon.

Question How do I purchase Sudoku Dragon?
Answer First go to the license screen. You can go there by clicking on the padlock icon in the toolbar or choose the Help | License menu command. The screen then shows the current state of the license. If a trial is in progress a Purchase button will be shown, click on this button to start the purchase transaction.
Question How do I move Sudoku Dragon to another PC?
Answer If you purchased a license for Sudoku Dragon you are permitted to install Sudoku Dragon on more than one PC - as long as the program is only active on one PC at a time. So your license covers running it on your laptop and your desktop PC. To install on another PC download and run the normal installer program. On the first page select the Re-install Purchased Copy option and on a subsequent page you will need to enter the unique order number that was issued when you purchased the product (and contained in confirmation e-mail).
Question How can I make the Sudoku grid larger?
Answer The text is automatically scaled to fit the window area. To adjust the text size grab the bottom-right corner of the window with the mouse and drag it until the text is the right size for you. The program remembers the size setting for the next time you run it. You can run the program full screen by double clicking on the caption bar. There is also a Zoom command on the View menu which changes the current window size in steps.
Question I am stuck with a puzzle, where do I get some help?
Answer The Sudoku Dragon comes with an armory of tools to help solve puzzles. The Hint menu and toolbar option has a choice of hints on how to solve it. You can locate incorrectly assigned squares; check the status so far or even (briefly) display the full solution. The software will also explain the possibilities for each individual Sudoku square in the grid. You can also look at our online forums, contributing your puzzle and asking an online expert for help.
Question How do I solve a Sudoku puzzle in a magazine?
Answer You can use Sudoku Dragon as a convenient way to solve a puzzle, by using your normal 'manual' method or by making use of the various hints provided by the program.
First use File | New Blank puzzle... to generate a blank puzzle grid. Then go through the grid square by square copying in the Newspaper grid allocations. When you have filled in all the pre-allocated squares use File | Save... to store the Sudoku puzzle to a file. This lets you go back and solve the puzzle some other time and also tells the computer that the initial grid allocation is complete. You can now print or solve the Sudoku puzzle as normal.
NOTE: Some printed puzzles are copyright protected, you must not copy or store these puzzles without permission.
Question How do I create a mistake?
Answer If you find you need to correct a Sudoku square allocation there are two ways to do it. Firstly you can go back any number of allocation steps using Edit | Undo. This will put the square back to where it was prior to the allocation. You can also move to the square and press the Delete or Space key to clear the value from the square.
Question How do I stop receiving e-mails
Answer As a registered Sudoku Dragon user you can opt to receive email notifications whenever anyone posts a reply to your message in our forums. You can also choose to be notified whenever a topic changes or the product is updated. You can change the account notification options at any time by going to the Account management page.

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