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Sudoku Dragon™ Affiliate Scheme

Sudoku Dragon is a sophisticated Sudoku generator and solver that will be popular with novice to expert players of this addictive puzzle. After successfully launch of the web site in 2005 we are offering an affiliate scheme to professional affiliates.

Our affiliate system is unique, we do not use a PPC (pay per click) system; instead we pay a generous commission for every software sale. Each affiliate has a different version of the software with the affiliate identifier locked into the program code. This means you are sure which downloads led to a product sale after the end of the free trial.

You can promote your unique version of Sudoku Dragon in many different ways (blog, tweet, download site etc) independently and yet still know that any sales can be tracked back to you. Your affiliate name is displayed in the license information of the product, so there can be no mistake as to where the original download came from.

Here is an index to the main sections of the web site describing the product.

Features The software has unique features aiding anyone from novice to expert to solve and generate Sudoku puzzles.
Quick Tour Our web site had a quick tour to give you a feel for the software with a series of screenshots and explanations.
Download and try The software is available for free download and generous 23 day trial. The best way to evaluate the software is to use it. It includes full custom help and tutorials.
Generous commission We are current offering a generous commission on all leads that generate a product sale of Sudoku Dragon. Full details will be given when you enquire for further details.
More Information For more details about selling Sudoku Dragon, please contact us be e-mail or our contact form. Please give us some background about your affiliating experience. We can then give you additional information on how the program works together with our standard terms and conditions.

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